Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finally a Blogging Platform for the Mobile Web (WAP)

Most of the time I browse internet for reading blogs, checking emails etc. I do it on my cell phone. One day I thought why not create a mobile website or better yet blog, and started searching around. What did I find? Well, nothing much useful. In this big world and yet bigger web, to my disappointment, I couldn’t find any website offering free blogs like we do on the normal (desktop) web. Moreover, those that offered mobile websites, I just didn’t like their service. You just have to spend so much time to just have a single page up!

What I had in my mind was a service that’d offer free blogs, let me register it from the mobile phone, let me post from the mobile phone, in other words a service that’d let me operate the whole thing right from the mobile phone itself. Days passed and then, rather than me wanting these services I thought of offering them to others instead, of course for FREE. Therefore I took a nearly a month off and created what I wanted myself. Here it is (You need a mobile phone to access it. Not accessible form desktop browsers except Opera, and FireFox with addon)

A picture is worth a thousand words, here area a few of them: - Homepage Homepage - Registration Page
Registration Page - You'll get your blog at - Dashboard
After registration/logging in you'll see your dashboard like shown above - User Blog
Your blog looks like this using the "Default-2" theme - Blog Theme Choice
You can choose between the three themes available now for your blog's layout. More themes will be added soon.

While I’ve sorted most of the bugs that I could find in ten-days testing period, there might (sure) still be quite a few of them. Therefore, the only thing I’d like to ask for is to use the Feedback Form (on Dashboard Page) a lot!

Thanks a lot for reading! Go get your Free Wap Blog Now!

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