Thursday, July 24, 2008

RevResponse, Offer Freebies to Earn Money

RevResponse Affiliate Network

This is sort of a paid review. You don’t normally find me doing this but since I truly liked RevResponse at the first sight, I’m writing this.


RevResponse (aff. link) is one-of-a-kind of affiliate network that pays you for promoting Free Magazines, Technical Whitepapers, Software etc the topic of these materials range from Agriculture to Software Development and from Bio-Technology to Transportaion & Logistics. This means most content based website/blogs won’t have much problem finding relevant offers to promote. Since all magazines, whitepapers etc. are free, it’s kind of a Pay-Per-Lead affiliate network. The magazines, that many presume to be SPAM, are not at all spammy rather are really useful and informative. And as those are all free, it means great source of information for your visitors and income for you!


The Sign-Up (aff. link) process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require you to fill any lengthy forms once you are done with that, they would contact you within a few days (in my case less that 24-hours) to tell you whether your application is accepted or not. If you have an informative blog/website, you won’t have any problems getting accepted even though your website/blog is on a free host.

Promotional Materials

Image Ads: Basic ads in all standard sizes.

Text Ads: Plain text ads. They also provide pre-written paragraphs. It’d be best if you personalize it.

Flash Widget: Beside normal image based ads they also provide interactive flash widgets. Catches eye and would prove to be useful for your visitors.

Co-Branded Site: Really great, like Amazon’s astore, RevResponse provides you with a customizable website with the same look as your existing website. It is hosted on It could be customized to create your very own Magazine Catalog.

Earning Potential

If you choose the offers wisely and promote them using genuine reviews, in other words to give genuine value to your visitors, there nothing stopping you from earning, at least, more than traditional advertising (AdSense etc.) they pay between $1.50 - $20 (as far as I’ve heard), which is great. Another great thing is unlike many other networks, RevResponse accepts leads (subscriptions, downloads of the offers you promote) from international visitors too!



  • Company behind RevResponse is quite old (since 1996)
  • Great affiliate managers, support and “personal” feeling. They have a blog and a forum to share and get ideas.
  • Payment via PayPal and Check.
  • Accepts international leads.
  • Offers that you can promote are FREE.


  • Net-45 Payment scheme which means you’re paid 45-days after the month you earnings reach $50 (minimum payment threshold)
  • Web is so cluttered with spam that some people don’t bother for “freebies” anymore

I’d genuinely recommend RevResponse (aff. link) to anyone having a content blog/website. Do check it out!

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