Sunday, April 06, 2008

Introduction to Microcontrollers

This is a guest post by Avinash over at Extreme Electronics. Check out his website to learn more about electronics and microcontroller programming.

Computer programming is exciting! Isn’t it. It gives you the felling of power in your hands, power to create and innovate. You can create solution for many everyday problems. Many programs you create are simple doesn’t requires much RAMs only few hundred bytes for variables, array etc. And the input outputs are simple. For example a “calculator” application. Your computer has resources many times more than what is required to run that app.

The thing I want to say is that you can easily make a small computer at very cheap cost (less than Rs 300/$6.00). For any specific purpose and make it run your programs. You can make any dream device by using variety of hardware like simple led, seven segment display, switches, sensors to advance Text/graphics LCD modules, PC interface etc.

What’s more, your single board computer can be installed in any project like a robot or home security system. You can program robots to do any thing you like. All these are possible with chips called microcontrollers. If you are new to them and want to learn more about them check out

AVR Microcontroller Tutorials

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