Monday, February 18, 2008

Let Us Grow Our Community

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I guess many sites/blogs don’t talk about it too often but I am ;-)

Number of Articles I've Posted Months-after-Month

These are the number of articles that I’ve posted for the respective months, it’s clear that for 4-5 months I’ve not been able to post much. Although there is a thing about quality over quantity but I don’t think it makes as an excuse. Does it?

Amazingly though, the number of visitors and page views have increased months after month.

In the span of about 9 months with 112 articles, we have somewhat formed our own community.

I know that many of our visitors are good programmers and have the ability to share their knowledge and expertise.

If you feel like you have/know something that you’d like to share with thousands of other peoples on our community, then please submit your articles to us. We’ll post it here and give you the platform.

Along with the articles, a short note about the author (including author’s website and e-mail address) will also be published. So it’s also a nice way to build links and traffic to your site?.

Guys what are you waiting for now, write about anything you know (related to programming), our community needs it.

P.S. You may write article on just about anything, ex. example program, algorithm, problem solving and in any programming language (C, C++, Java, C# etc.) Thank You

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